Why can’t I lose weight?

Why can’t I lose weight maybe you ask right now

Why am I getting fat? Why can’t I lose weight? Here are the questions he has asked, at least once, almost every woman. 

 Although it seems incredible, given that the media abounds in information, a lot of women fail to understand why they are getting fat or why they fail to lose weight. 

 I do not eat much and yet do not drop even a gram! They complain. Sounds familiar? I’m sure you’ve heard this around you at least a few times lately.  

Let’s see why this happens! We will continue to discuss the most known causes that prevent you from shedding extra pounds.

why can't I lose weight

Why can’t I lose weight many women ask. here is an image with a women wich struggle with weight.

Drink water:

It is not news, but a sufficient amount of water is essential for maintaining a healthy weight.  

Water helps cleanse the body of toxic substances and speeds up metabolism as well. 

The recommendation is 11 cups a day for women, and 15 cups daily for men. 

This quantity comprises the total of fluids that we accumulate during a day when 20% comes from the diet. 

Thus, the daily intake needed for women is somewhere around 9 cups of water. 

Some foods contain plenty of water, which provides the body with much of the daily intake needed. Here are some examples:

  • salad -→ 95%
  • melon → 92%
  • broccoli → 91%
  • grapefruit → 91%
  • milk → 89%
  • orange juice → 88%
  • carrot → 87%
  • yogurt → 85%
  • apple → 84%

When you have intense physical activity, it indicates to have a water bottle to avoid dehydration.

why can't I lose weight - drink water

Lack of drink water can be the reason because you fail in losing weight. So drink water.


 The link between diet and sleep is a golden one. Enough rest will help you get better results at whatever you can propose, so the effort to lose extra pounds.

You are often deprived of energy when you are on a diet.  

The fatigue will not help you to struggle with the extra weight. The temptations will be much more challenging to deal with since your body can be stress by a lack of rest. 

 The body tries to compensate for what it does not receive through sleep, eventually seeking additional energy resources. 

There are two hormones involved in this relationship between sleep and weight: ghrelin and leptin. 

They are the ones who help or fault our diet.  

The ghrelin is the hunger hormone, which indicates that the time has come to feed us. 

When we do not get enough rest, the ghrelin is secreted in larger quantities in favor of the second, leptin, the hormone that commands you to stop eating.

why can't I lose weight - sleep

You need enough sleep for losing weight. Rest have an essential place in losing weight . in the pic is a men wich sleep on bad.


The body releases hormones when we are stressed. The body initially uses this mechanism to get rid of dangerous situations or whenever we feel threatened by the violent world around us.

One hormone is the adrenaline that gives our body extra energy and power to cope with stress, and the other hormone is cortisol. 

The cortisone increases your appetite and causes you to eat more. Not only because you need to, but it can also become a bad habit to eat in stressful situations after all eating is comfortable and offers immediate satisfaction.

Also, high cortisol levels in the body combined with dietary deficiencies (exclusive apple day, exclusive cheese day, etc.) and excessive sports, prevents you from losing pounds.

Worse, such an approach can give you extra pounds on the scale.

 Even if your nutrition and workouts are perfect, excessive stress does not let you lose weight.

Several medical studies confirmed what we already knew: stress contributes to weight gain, for two main reasons:

 – we tempted to eat more to meet our emotional needs.

-when we are stressed, we tend to eat more unhealthy foods because these foods are much more “satisfying.”

why can't I lose weight - stress

Stress can affect your weight . in the image is a stressful man in front of a computer.


Healthy diets do not recommend hunger, but eating a little and often.

A sumptuous meal at evening hours does not mean the same thing with 4-5 smaller meals spread out throughout the day, even if the total caloric intake for 24 hours is the same.

A body that will receive food only once a day will tend to store everything, scared that the next meal is who knows when, and metabolism will be slowed down. 

If you teach your body with heavy meals, it will know how to process the calorie intake quietly.

This way, your body does not risk the danger of staying hungry. So immediately after the meal, it will start using the calories that have not received. After that, calories will turn into fat deposits on your belly, hips, and thighs.

why can't I lose weight - calories

Losing weight in principal is affect by non-deficit caloric.

Fooling yourself

 A diet that gives results is one that, in the long term, becomes a way of life. Temporary food changes lead to provisional results. 

 A healthy diet is more than a set of rules to follow; it is a fierce battle with yourself, with the bad habits developed over a long period. 

 At the same time, we are talking about an exercise of sincerity: not to deceive yourself, to be the most correct and vigilant guardian of the mouth and lust.

 There is nothing more frustrating than imposing restrictions and not seeing results. 

Weakness is often in the midst of a vicious circle: every man acts driven by motivation, and motivation strengthened as you see the results of efforts. 

When they do not appear, you have two alternatives: either give up, discouraged (Why bother me if you still see nothing?), Or carefully analyze the causes.

 An essential part of those who start the fight against the extra kilos choose the first option, unfortunately, ignoring a principle, as simple, so right: everything, but everything in the universe happens according to the cause-effect law. 

It is not possible to not lose weight simply, although you do everything like the book. There is always a cause. 

 When it is not given by endocrinological disorders, as discussed above, there are not many options: either you make a mistake, or at least you eat, you still eat more than you consume.

 The mistake of many is that they fool themselves: Only a cake, how much can a cake fatten? Or I only ate salad, how much can a salad fatten? Much, if it is thoroughly heated in oil or accompanied by sauces full of calories.  

Or forget that between the main meals (that’s right, low in calories), you supplemented the menu with more consistent rounds than the actual meals.

why can't I lose weight - workout


 Weight loss is a simple principle: you lose weight if you burn more calories than you provide through nutrition.  

Nutritionists have established the number of calories (estimated) for maintaining a healthy weight: about 2,000 calories a day for women and 2,500 calories for men. 

To work from home (in front of the calculator) is not the same thing as working in constructions, where physical effort is sustained.

 The caloric requirement of a person varies according to sex, age, occupation, health status, and constitution, so this is the first calculation you have to do to find out precisely what is the figure below which you must reduce the calorie intake if you want to lose weight.

 However, an adult should not consume less than 1,800 calories per day if he/she wishes to maintain his constant weight and health, no matter what kind of activity you would undertake daily.

why can't I lose weight - calculate

in losing weight the most important thing is tracking your eating and progress.

Nutritional facts:

A barbecue is not a simple barbecue if the basic food is pork neck, a delicious salad becomes a caloric bomb if it is associated with various sauces filled with oil or cream.  

A fruit can hold a successful tasting place, but not one that comes in a canned form in the hypermarket, with sweet juice.  

When calculating the calorie value of food, consider the raw preparation, not associated with different creams, sauces, additions: usually those are the ones that dramatically fatten, so ideally, it would be to bypass them.  

If you keep a diet , you will know the right amount of macronutrient that you have to eat. Also, you will know how to prepare your food and what quantity you should consume.

why can't I lose weight - vegetables

You need to eat vegetables entirely in vitamins for losing weight . in image is more bowls with vegetables.

A malfunctioning organism

 If you want to lose weight, any diet should start with a specialized medical check-up: from blood tests to these specific endocrinology investigations that will tell you if your weight problem is related to poor eating habits or dysfunction in the body.

An organism that has a functioning problem, especially one in the endocrinological field, will get much the desired results, even if it makes serious efforts.


Apply tips for relaxation and enjoy the good life you have now because the figure on the scale does not define you like the person, and someone who sees you on the street cannot say that you are 50 or 55 pounds.

The closer you get to the weight you want, the closer you are to your target kilograms, the slower the process, so don’t panic, it is normal.

If you are on a diet, but the results are minimal, think about whether or not sleep can be the cause.

 So, tell me, now have you figured out why you can’t lose weight? If so, what are you going to do next?

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